What is the RCS-D™ Designation?

RCS-D™ | Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce™ This is a designation, not a certification, requiring successful completion of 12 hours of coursework and examination where applicable. Included with the RCS-D™ Designation is your FREE listing on the RCS-D™ USA Directory. Also included is FREE membership on DivorceThisHouse.com. After earning the designation you will receive the password to activate your FREE membership. Keep in mind: there is no annual fee to remain an RCS-D™ member ...

Are there annual membership fees to maintain the designation?

No, there are no annual membership fees or continuing education requirements to maintain the RCS-D™ Designation. Instead, as an RCS-D™ Designee, you can activate your free membership on DivorceThisHouse.com that includes post-course coaching at no additional cost, featuring how to land 3 lawyers in 3 weeks. Also included with the RCS-D™ Designation is your FREE listing on the RCS-D™ USA Directory.

Is the RCS-D™ Designation endorsed?

The Tennessee Association of REALTORS and TREEF have approved the RPI Training Part 1 (6 hours) and Part 2 / RCS-D™ Designation Course (12 hours), respectively, as GRI Electives. Nevertheless, according to the Real Estate Educators Association, there is no "designation" or "certification" police. No "Designation" Police (https://www.reea.org/index.cfm/about-reea/certificates-and-designations/)> Real Estate Educators Association

Is either Part 1 or Part 2 of the RPI Training/RCS-D™ Designation Course approved for CE Hours?

For live-event trainings, the 12 hour course has been approved by various state Real Estate Commissions for continuing education course hours: California, Georgia, Indiana, and Tennessee. The Course Title, for CE Accreditation, is: Divorce & Elder Real Estate for Consumer Protection: Part 1 & Part 2 Live Event CE Hours: As of August 16, 2017, the Arizona Department of Real Estate | ADRE has approved the RCS-D™ Designation Course for 9 CE Hours under Legal Issues category. The Florida Real...

What does RPI stand for? | Why work with the RPI Tracking Tool?

RPI stands for Real Property Information. This is a self represented litigant form we are donating to states to foster enhanced due diligence in family mediation/litigation in divorce and elder matters with real estate. The RPI Tracking Tool - exclusive to all real estate professionals who complete Part 1 of the RPI Training - helps RPI-Trained real estate professionals track gaps in house due diligence as well as items the customer has chosen to pursue. As an enhanced EXCEL spreadsheet, it can...

What is the difference between Part 1 and Part 2?

We divided the 12 hour RCS-D™ Designation Course into two parts: - Hours 1-6 | RPI Training - Part 1 (Prerequisite for Part 2) - Hours 7-12 | Advanced RPI - Part 2 To earn the RCS-D™ Designation, you must complete 12 hours of coursework, that is, Part 1 and Part 2. But if you are an affiliate or do not need another designation, the 6 hour RPI Training Part 1 is available as a stand-alone course.